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Jeremy Davis at Monumentour

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if you’re not attracted to hayley williams you’ve probably never seen hayley williams

"It feels like yesterday we were driving to Denver for the very first time. I’ll never forget running out of breath during "Whoa," and just laying on the ground for the entirety of the rest of the show. It’s amazing how fast 10 years go by. And it’s amazing how many lifetimes you can fit into 10 years, you know?

For instance, with us, for every album, I feel like we’ve lived three different lives, and I’m so happy that we’re still here, and thank you guys so much for still being here as well. Our band is, we’ve been through a lot. There’s been a lot of ups. A lot of super high highs, and a lot of super low lows as well. But I don’t really think you have to be in a band to get that. I think that’s just life. And I think no matter what profession we might’ve ended up in besides being a band, we would’ve dealt with some of the same emotions, probably all of the same emotions.

There was a point right before we released the new record, actually when we were writing it, that this song sort of spilled out of us, and I realized how sad we’d been. And how we’d been in this place where we weren’t content, and we weren’t fulfilled anymore. It was very scary. It was actually very depressing. And then this song happened, and sort of a light came on, and it was amazing how much I realized I’m apart of something. We, the three of us, are apart of something.

I want you to know before you leave here tonight, that you, being here tonight, listening to any of your favorite bands, writing songs yourself, writing poems, reading books, any of that. You’re apart of something. And it goes on way longer than any of us will ever be alive. You’re part of something. Please know that.
This song goes out to Robin Williams. It’s called “Last Hope.”

Hayley’s beautiful speech…

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